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Books by Philip A Oldfield

I enjoy writing across all forms of genre – maybe cross genre is my style. You see, Blood Relationships, Book One of Resurrections, is cross-genre: historical, medical, psychological, suspense, some say part horror, romance and poetry. I actually enjoyed writing this novel the most, maybe because it was first taste of immersing my whole self – without distractions – into the research, the characters, the emotions and the themes within the story.

That said I enjoyed writing The Lying Truth – a husband returns home and is a changed man – things become sinister. Or do they? With this story, I wanted to write a page-turner, with an ending, which allows the reader to ponder what really happened. Less literary than The Magus by John Fowles – love this book – but in an opaque way my story is similar, although some say it is like Girl on a Train by Paula Hawkins.

An Australian friend who wondered what a story with our nicknames for each other might look like, led me to write the novella, My Dream Mother. It is a coming of age tale – part fantasy. I awoke one morning and had the story in my head. I thoroughly enjoyed blending fantasy with the world of dreams and reality. 

Conversely, Flash Fiction 25, consisting of twenty-five very short stories, covers several genres, including sci-fi and provides readers with a glimpse into the lives of others. The stories were easy to write and a good escape valve for me after the intensity of writing a novel.

However, I have to say, the easiest novel I have written is my latest, The Devil in Me. My two daughters encouraged me to write a light romantic comedy. After reading several books by Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelks, I wrote the manuscript in 4-6 weeks – lightning fast and lots of fun. 

Books by Philip A Oldfield