The Devil in Me - a romantic comedy - a perfect summer read

Two women find their true independence. A delightfully funny and perfect summer read.

Roslyn Summers loses a £1 million pound contract. What was the harm in that? Mary, her boss who happens to be the head of a top creative design agency, fires her. And with only 4 weeks to go to Jess' Halloween engagement party, which Roz, by the way, is dreading, she finds out Jack has been kidnapped in Sierra Leone, Africa. Maybe he had not left her all those years ago, but there's a problem. It is a pretty big one, actually.

Al-A-Bib will only negotiate with her.  From Sierra Leone's Freetown Airport to the country's deepest reaches, Roz must drive a cargo of TVs and keep the ransom money safe. Travelling at night on the wrong side of the road is not for the faint-hearted or for those who cannot stay awake. Anything could happen. And when Roz comes face-to-face with the leader of Al-A-Bib, a reckoning awaits, but not the one she was expecting.

​​​​Author of cross genre psychological thrillers and romantic comedies, all with strong female protagonists


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