My Dream Mother: ‘You tell the story of how it all began,’ said Death to Hope, hoping she’d say “Yes.”
   ‘No, this time you, you read better dead.’
   Death picked up the book and turned the first page as a cold wind of memories darkened his countenance...

    Bristol Royal Infirmary has seen many lives come and go; many have taken their first breath of life, sucking into their tiny lungs vast quantities of air reflected in the echoes of their cries... ​read more

Psychological Thriller - Blood Relationships by Philip Oldfield
Book Title, The Lying Truth by Philip A Oldfield
Philip Oldfield - Author of cross genre and psychological thrillers and short stories.
Explore My Books - Philip Oldfield - Author of Cross Genre and Psychological Thrillers with strong female protagonists.

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Blood Relationships

Front Cover of My Dream Mother - Philip Oldfield - Author of novels with strong female protagonists.

Blood Relationships

Psychological Thriller, Romance, Historical and Contemporary​

Two killers. One city. No mercy.

When Claire Yohanus receives a message from Tom Abimelech, an old flame, she can't resist the hope, love might be reignited. But, when he disappears, a world of death and betrayal collide. From the evil of Nazi Germany, to the fear trodden streets of London, 2012; a desperate search for love and truth that spans Southern and Eastern Europe, and from the evil of humanity to its purest expression, Claire must confront the biggest challenge of her life and that which threatens the whole future of humanity. ​

​​​Don't stop reading. I need you to understand what they have done!

Blood Relationships

Psychological Thriller, Romance, Historical and Contemporary

Delivers hope

​"The author carries us from the ugliness of the Nazi era to a turbulent present, and alludes to an unpredictable future. The journey is at times violent and jarring as we encounter troubled and sadistic characters and realise that this is just the beginning of a long descent. We feel the weight of the story's protagonists and wince as we watch them grapple with the big decision they have to make. His powers of description transport us through the claustrophobia of a macabre London basement, the freneticism of a crowded nightclub to the expansive beauty of the Aegean sea, where we can, like the protagonists, draw a deep breath and consider their dilemma. The writer crafts his characters with skill and in doing so evokes a myriad of emotions: disgust, pity, sadness, fear and doubt. But the heroes in the story cast light and deliver hope with their goodness and faith." 


Book Reviews

The Lying Truth

Psychological Thriller


"I sat down and ended up reading this book in less than two days! An enthralling story set in Exeter, Devon, my home town.Loved everything about this book, from the tight plot, the local settings and believable characters. Thoroughly enjoyed the twists, turns and chilling suspense. Everything a really good psychological thriller I thought should have!"

Fiona M

The Lying Truth:I watch frightened as you walk rapidly past me. Your body causes such a draught, the hem of my dressing gown quivers. I know that feeling only too well. I kept my eyes averted. Blessedly you ignored my presence; a freshly fed lion avoids its prey. Relief spreads rapidly through me and I breathe once more. It is a welcome contagion.

  Anxious to avoid your corrosive presence, I force myself to focus on my necessities. I need my fix, a daily view over Exeter and its surrounding hills, its busy estuary, which so often teems with life and a teasing glimpse of wilderness, the hills and granite tors of Dartmoor. more

Blood Relationships: The itch in the killer’s mind had become insane. He could not resist it. He did not, in the end, want to. He scratched at the scab and felt the venom rush like a Japanese commuter train up through his brain and into the sinews of his body. The rush was raw and visceral.

     The venom had been on a slow release burn, hidden, a serpent waiting to spit, to urge him, to drive him, to force him to kill. And he did. And the first killing felt so good, so right. God’s justice.... read more 

More murders than in Midsomer

"There are more murders here than in Midsomer. Or are there? The story opens in Exeter where Kate Bevoir is a crime writer. Her husband is kidnapped and has retrograde amnesia jettisoning Kate into a web of terror, deceit and betrayal. Is all life a lie? Is love about truly accepting someone as they are?"

Devon Life