Flash Fiction 25

Philip A Oldfield

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My Dream Mother

Philip A Oldfield


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"The author obviously has the gift of a master story teller and the ability to carry out the painstaking research to make it all too believable"

Peter C

"A fantastic read and a wonderful narrative. Endearing and moving from beginning to end."


My Dream Mother

Coming of Age, Fantasy, Dreams

It would have been the easiest thing in the world for Ben to have given up. He had lost his mother at birth and although his father loved him, he was distant. His grandmother was just mean and selfish. Too much of her and Ben might have given up, but that’s when Hope played her part. That's when Ben’s dream began. Read an extract here...

Philip A Oldfield writes cross genre novels psychological thrillers, involving a gripping mix of history, romance, crime, science and contemporary fiction. His books paint powerful pictures and include essential ingredients for intense suspense stories. Full of twists,turns and page-turning, nail-biting atmosphere, his psychological thrillers often have strong female leads fighting for their own survival and those they love. 

Book: Too Late To Say Goodnight by Philip Oldfield on Amazon October 2017

​​​​Author of cross genre psychological thrillers and romantic comedies, all with strong female protagonists

Too Late To Say Goodnight

Historical Fiction, Military History, Romance, Biographical - available October 2017

Inspired by a true story. A date to remember. This is a love story, like no other. Love, life even, all has a beginning. In this the story is no different. It pits the human spirit against the temptations and tragedies of times, charts the falls from grace, the anger, the turmoil of emotions, and maps the innocence of pride that champions people to do their worst for the greater good. Above all the chaos, for war is bloody chaos, lingers an innocent, waiting, waiting on the cusp of life. And if within all of these histories, she could be granted one wish, what might that be? It is for her father to come back home.

Image Philip A Oldfield - Author of cross genre and psychological thrillers with strong female protagonists.

Blood Relationships

Philip A Oldfield


Available worldwide: e-book & paperback - 440 pages:

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"There are more murders here than in Midsomer. Or are there?"

​Devon Life

"Excellent story, should be made into a film. Thrilling from start to finish, just couldn't put it down!"


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Flash Fiction 25

Short Stories

​​Packed full of surprises, twists and turns, betrayal and romance, assassinations and murders, sci-fi and horror and more, this little book of twenty-five stories will ignite a dawning hunger to read more. You will love these stories if you enjoy different genres, moral dilemmas and little insights into the lives of characters and too, love dipping in and out of easy to read books when you have little time to spare, but want a quick and satisfying read. Read several stories here...

Welcome to the book library of Philip Oldfield - Author of cross genre and psychological thrillers with strong female protagonists.

The Lying Truth

Comparable to 'The Girl on  the Train' Psychological Thriller

This story, comparable to 'Girl on the Train' is much more than a fast-paced psychological thriller. It is about twisted relationships and the lengths people will go to uncover the truth or live a lie. At times, the story treads lightly across characters’ lives, at others, it plumbs despair, fear and the dark borders of insanity.  Kate's love turns to fear, then hate when Niall threatens to kill her and their two children. Kate can no longer stay silent and must make the ultimate sacrifice. How far should she go for love?​ Read an extract here...

Too Late To Say Goodnight

Philip A Oldfield

Published October 8, 2017

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Available worldwide: e-book & paperback est. 450 pages

127mm x 205mm x 32mm


"Each story is a tiny glimpse into the lives of others: a taste of the dramas that are played out all around us day by day. Some poignant, some humourous and others thought-provoking and quirky."


The Lying Truth

Philip A Oldfield

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Available worldwide: e-book & paperback - 452 pages​: 127mm x 205mm x 32mm

Blood Relationships

Psychological Thriller, Romance, Historical and Contemporary

Nazi human experiments stopped at the end of World War II. History tells it differently. In 1974, life began in the Petri Dish. The first opened their eyes. London, July 4 2012. Two killers show no mercy. So, begins the discovery of one of history's darkest secrets. From the evil of Nazi Germany to the fear stalking England’s capital, from a breathtaking race across Southern and Eastern Europe and from the wickedness of humanity to its purest expression, Claire Yohanus faces the darkest of fears and the biggest challenges of her life and that of the whole world. ​Read several extracts here...

"Fast paced, breath stopping, tear- jerking, masterpiece. I found myself thinking about the characters and the plot, wondering what would happen next whenever I wasn't reading it."

​Eloise Plante