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Ever evolving. Who are you now? Author - Philip Oldfield
Do you have the eyes to see? Author - Philip Oldfield
Gift Box - unwrapping life - Author Philip Oldfield
You are the potter. You are the clay. Author - Philip Oldfield
Do you know something? Doing Good, just feels right.

​Unwrapping one's life

Family life, some might say, is the true origin of Chaos Theory. Is our birth order a determinant of how we live our lives? I am not so sure.  

I wonder if apart from the individual genetic mix from our parents, who we are is a movable being. In that, if our genetic make-up is a constant, except when illness, accident or genetic interference alters us, then who we are is down to how we choose to absorb and internalise our thoughts, feelings and reactions to micro and macro events in our lives.

Give me back my telescope

Is what we see, think and feel, accurate? Or do we sometimes colour our own perceptions? Perhaps, even more so when our emotions are heightened, we absorb what we have taught ourselves previously to socially construct and see it as only one way. Because it is one way. Our way. Maybe, just maybe, our own understanding of ‘what just happened,’ is not what just did happen.

To unwrap life and not allow life to unwrap us.

Maybe, we need to allow those events, our family life, and our relationships to be sculpted in a way which restores the gifts that were bestowed upon us all along the way. 

You are the potter and you are the clay. How does the saying go? If only you have eyes to see... anew.

Philip A. Oldfield

You are the potter.

You are the clay. 

Telescope - What do you see growing up? Author - Philip Oldfield
Coloured Perception - Author Philip Oldfield


In other words, each of us may see and share the same space and event, but how we see it may be coloured by what we have chosen to believe.

And, if we have chosen to believe something, anything in fact, we can - if we choose - choose to 'un-believe.'

Isn't that free will? Isn't that about giving ourselves a most precious gift? And what might that be? Isn't this the gift that we can, and should give ourselves?

Who are you? Author - Philip Oldfield