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Lost Soul, Too - Author - Philip Oldfield


Truth is the zenith for our lives.
It brings peace within when we reach its height.
Never descend from its peak
And give deceit and illusion a place in the light.

Lost Soul - Author - Philip Oldfield
Lost Soul - Author - Philip Oldfield
Who Am I? - Author - Philip Oldfield
The Truth Puzzle - Author - Philip Oldfield
Truth Whispers - Philip Oldfield - Author of novels with strong female protagonists.

Truth Whispers

We the people... Lowly hearts are wizened to near oblivion in solitary, cellular confines, imprisoned by force of others will. 


Catcalls, smears spread as spam and sharp words dig in for a fight as those with hollowed out guts rejoice in, instilling the air with fear, like bloodied carrion. 

   Victim-smiths, voracious for bounty, draw their painful clauses with sophistry and lies, which plunder all accounts and trammel justice to the floor.

   In the gathering storms and vocal protests, truth whispers like shadows lost in the clouds, never seen, but ever-present.

   Yet, truth is what we lost souls are waiting and yearning for. We long to see the light of truth shine brightly in the darkness and feel freedom is a reality once more.

Philip A. Oldfield

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