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​​Why Ask Questions?

Children, students, academics, lawyers, employees, scientists, philosophers and probably most important of all, writers and readers, ask questions. Many turn to their friends and colleagues and make use of search engines to help explore and hopefully answer questions.

In fact, those who choose to learn, never stop asking questions, for it is the most effective and simplest way to gain richer and deeper understanding. Of course, the development of knowledge increases the more we explore and challenge and the more we generate our own thoughts from the information we absorb. In effect, we create for ourselves a virtuous circle, which increases in circumference with each question asked and with each understanding, attained.

Perhaps the biggest barrier to learning and understanding though, is the lack of opportunity or the fear of looking weak or of being ridiculed by asking a question of an individual. 

Be Creative - Write to me - Philip Oldfield - Author of cross genre and psychological thrillers with strong female protagonists.

If this sounds like you, I want you to put away any hesitation, no matter how small, you might have in approaching me. I want you to feel free to ask me questions about why I write, how I write, the books I have written and the characters and plots and themes melded together therein.

Moreover, I want you to feel free to ask me any other questions which are on your mind in relation to writing or on subjects of concern to you. Not that, I am an ‘Agony Aunt,’ or the greatest geopolitical thinker in the world, but I have my moments of insights.

I would welcome your views on my writing

And of course, I would very much welcome your thoughts and comments on my novels and short stories. It is the feedback and generation of views and feelings of readers’ which helps me to be inspired and, to question and to learn more about the way we sapiens think.

With my very best of wishes,

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"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." 

William Wordsworth

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